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Yangzhou University MBBS Fee Structure
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Yangzhou University  (YZU), located in Yanzhou, offers MBBS program from September, 2015. Founded in 1992, YZU now has truly developed into an all-round comprehensive university with award of excellence from MOE, and honors of Civilized Unit of Jiangsu Province and Model University of Upholding Law in Administration awarded by the local government.

Basic information about MBBS in Yangzhou University

Duration: 6 years

Detailed information of Yangzhou University MBBS Fee Structure

Fee Type Amount (RMB)
Registration Fee 400
Tuition 22,000/year
Application Fee 400
Residence Permit Fee 400/year
Insurance Fee 600/year
Physical Examination Fee 60-300
Accomodation Fee 17.5/day (South triple room)
15/day (North triple room)
Bedding 200
Living Cost 500-1000/month

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