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Zhengzhou University MBBS Fee Structure
This article "Zhengzhou University MBBS Fee Structure" shows you all related information, tips, and step by step guide about Zhengzhou University MBBS Fee Structure, check "Zhengzhou University MBBS Fee Structure" and learn tips about Zhengzhou University MBBS Fee Structure on CUCAS!

Zhengzhou University (ZZU) is a member of Project 211 China the best university in Central China. The MBBS program in ZZU is very popular among students from Africa, Southeast Asia and South Asia, etc. The MBBS fee sturcture is listed as below.

Basic information about MBBS in Zhengzhou University

Teaching languag : English

Duration: 6 years

Detailed information of Zhengzhou University MBBS Fee Structure

Fee Type Amount (RMB)

Registration Fee

Tuition 35,000/year
Visa Fee 400/year
Application Fee 500
Residence Permit Fee 430/time
Insurance Fee 800/year
Textbook Fee 600/year
Physical Examination Fee 340 (Re-examination in China)
Accomodation Fee 15/day (Type A-Double Room); 30/day (Type A-Single Room)
30/day (Type B-Double Room); 60/day (Type B-Single Room)
Internship Fee 35,000 (Final year in China)
17,500 (Final year outside China

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