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Scholarship Process: the Application Process of 6 Categories of China Scholarships You must know
This article "Scholarship Process: the Application Process of 6 Categories of China Scholarships You must know" shows you all related information, tips, and step by step guide about Scholarship Process: the Application Process of 6 Categories of China Scholarships You must know, check "Scholarship Process: the Application Process of 6 Categories of China Scholarships You must know" and learn tips about Scholarship Process: the Application Process of 6 Categories of China Scholarships You must know on CUCAS!

Be fully aware of the scholarship process is the prominent issue you must deal with when applying China Scholarship via CUCAS Scholarship platform. In light of this, we firstly present you the detailed information on the first step of scholarship process, i.e. the scholarship application process, to better help you applying China scholarship via CUCAS.

Generally, there are 6 categories of China scholarships which may have 6 kinds of scholarship processes in terms of nuances or obvious differences. These categories are China government scholarship, China local government scholarship, Confucius scholarship, University scholarship, enterprises scholarship and foreign government scholarship. To apply scholarships as quickly as possible, you need to know 3 Ws first, that is WHAT, WHEN and WHERE. WHAT refers to the specific programs you would like to apply. WHEN refers to the time of the application process. WHERE means the target destination you apply China scholarship to. Next, lets see the detailed application stepps of the scholarship process respectively.

Chinese Government Scholarship

Chinese Government Scholarship is granted by MOE, China to better help International students studying in China. The application stepps of the scholarship process is shown in the following chart:

Chinese Government Scholarship Application Process Flowchart

For detailed Agency Numbers, please see

Agency numbers of part of Beijing universities

Agency numbers of part of Shanghai and Jiangsu universities

Agency numbers of part of some other provincial universities

Chinese Local Government Scholarship

The application processes of the scholarship process in terms of local governments various a lot according to the specific places. Normally, it is mainly manifested in the issue of WHEN and WHERE. Alomost all the provinces and municipals in China have local government scholarships with their own names. Thus, applicants need to be clear about the location of their target universities. For detail information about China's cities, please log on CUCAS right now. Generally, applicants should consult their target universities and target city governments for specific application information including application time and so on. After preparation, they need to log on to the local government scholarship application systems or the application systems of the universities to fill in certain forms and hand them in to the local governments or universities before due time.

Confucius Institute Scholarship

Confucius Institute Scholarship is held by Hanban for International students facilitating International promotion of Chinese language and culture. For detail application process of this scholarship process, please see the following chart:

Confucius Institute Scholarship Process

University Scholarships

Most of the universities have university scholarships and awards prepared for international students who are either freshmen or currently enrolled students. The scholarship process varies a lot due to the large varieties of university scholarships. Generally, applicants can apply to their target university directly for the university scholarships and awards before due time which can be known from their universities.

Enterprises Scholarships

There are a few coporations offering scholarships to certain universities. Generally, the enterprises scholarships may only be available for certain specialties, which is an important issue applicants need to pay attention to in the scholarship process. Applicants have to consult their universities for detailed information of the scholarship process.

Foreign Government Scholarships

This kind of scholarship is usually obtained when students are in their home country. That is to say, applicants can apply to their own country government for corresponding scholarships to study in China. Therefore, the application procss or even the scholarship process may be proceeded in their hometowns.

Apart from all the above scholarship process, applicants can also get first-hand information of scholarship process and applying China scholarship via CUCAS, which can also help you proceed your scholarship process if necessary.

What's more, CUCAS Scholarship platform is going to be on-line in the coming December with more information of China scholarships and related application procedures. For more information on applying China scholarships, please log on to CUCAS right now. If you have any questions or problems right now, feel free to contact our scholarship team directly. We are here for you!

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Written by Amy Yang, Editor of CUCAS Scholarship Team




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