4 Common Ways to Apply to China's Universities

4 Common Ways to Apply to China's Universities shows you useful tips on studying in China. If you are planning to study in China, check4 Com...

Want to study in China and feel the ancient culture of a country with a history of 5,000 years? Want to study Chinese and see splendid landscape? There are many options for you to choose when you want to study in China such as exchanges between governments, inter-college exchanges, recommendations by communities, individual applications and etc. If you are an individual applicant, which is also the biggest group of students that come to study in China in every year, this article shows you the 4 common ways to apply to China's universities, and you will also know features of different application methods better. 

1. Apply Through Local Agents 


-One-to-one service availability.

-Good language skills for communication.

-Face to face help.



-Shortage on information.

-Even Higher service fees. (Around $2,000) .

-Complicated of application process.

-No online application.

-Few of choices.     


2 Apply Through Online Agents 


-Online application is available.

-More flexible choices.

-Accessible consulting service

-Additional services



-Lack of timely information.

-High service fees.

-No one-to-one service availability.

-Know little of China (Some are running by people in foreign countries).


3 Apply To Universities Directly  


-Official and timely information.

-No additional fees.

-Get most answers for the questions you want to ask. 



-No additional service.

-The service is not quite responsive.

-Can’t compare different universities together.

-Service is available only in working hours.


Self-application platform like CUCAS


-Timely information (Keep update with 300+ universities).

-Accessible consulting service.

-Easy online self-application

-Detailed guide for pre-preparations.

-More activities when students reached China.

-Accommodation booking service and bank transfer service without service fees.

-Accessible while studying in China.

-Choose and compare multiple programs and universities together before making decisions.

-Low service fee.  ($50-$150)

-Knows China very well. (CUCAS team has a lot Chinese people)

If you are wondering to study in China, the above comparison between different application methods could give you an idea on which one to choose. Just choose the right method for you and start your journey to study abroad!

Applying for china's universities shouldn't be expensive

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